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It is now an extremely affordable experience in your pursuit of leisure and relaxation. This one-stop recreational haunt spreading over four acres of picturesque tropical north-eastern coastline is the ONLY private country club amenity that is open to the public.

Welcome to Marina Country Club.

An entire family can enjoy the facilities and amenities at the club on a "pay per use" basis. Accessibility is relatively convenient and easy by regular bus services from Punggol Temporary Bus Interchange Code Number: 65009.

Alternatively, you may take the NorthEast Line MRT train to Ponggol MRT/LRT Station and transit to Samudera LRT (PW4) station, which is nearest to the club.

If you are driving, take the TPE highways and EXIT 10 or EXIT 11 via Punggol Way to reach the club.

Our address is 11 Northshore Drive Singapore 828670. 


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